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154                                       FLORA   INDICA.
western limit in Sindli are almost entirely wanting. The fol-
lowing are all that are contained in Dr. Stocks' catalogue,
excluding plants manifestly cultivated (such c^s Tamarmdw),
Rhus Mysorensis, Zizyphus Jujttba, Hedyotis aspera, Coldcma
procwnbenSySalviaplebela (a New Holland plant); (Jlerodendron.
phlomoidcSy Artetofochw braeteata, and Zeuxine sulcata. There
arc., however, a considerable number of species which have-
not been met with in Egypt or Arabia, but which belong to
genera characteristic of those countries, and are very closely
related to Egyptian species. Instances of this kind arc Crota-
laria Burhia, Dlcoma laituginosa, Leptad^ila
Qxysielwa escukwtwii9I/ina'ria ramositwima,
Solamtm yraeUipcs, Chamterops RltrMana. If we add to this
enumeration the eon^t flora of Sotmeratia, li/iizrw/wrft, Ceriops,
j -sEt/iceras, JpotMea Pes-ca'jfrit?, and AMcnMiti, a gooil
idea is given of the nature of .the Horn of Suulh.
15. RAJ WAR A*
The dismcts or states which are included under the general
name of Rajwara lie to the north of Malwah, and to the south
of the river Jumna. The whole of Marwar, including Jodh-
ptir, Bikanir, and Jesalmir, lies in the basin of the Indus to
the west of the Arawali range. The remainder of the pro-
vince, consisting of the states of Mewar, Jaipur, Kotah, and
Gwalior, is situated in the basin of the river Chaitibal, the
great southern branch of the Jumna.
The Arawali mountains, as we have seen, form a continuous
range, miming from north-east to south-west, ubieh traverses
the whole of the province. It dips on its western side very
abruptly into the plains of Marwar, which are perfoetly level,
and are continuous* with the great Handy desert stretching
west to the Indus, To the eastward, hillę give off tm-
nucrouB spurs, which form low ridges, Bcparattng ftho differ-
ent branch^ of the Ohambnl. The cmst of the Arawali range
appears never to rin^ much 8lKX> Feet, and the hcud
tire lfX)0 feet lower* Tlnw nj^.^r ainl Ajmir, both